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Meet the Staff

We are so proud of the men we have working for us!  They are very knowledgeable, friendly and good hard workers!  The can answer all your questions about fireplaces and chimneys and get your system in tip top condition!

crew 2018 

     The Glue

   Meet Larry. He is the anchor of our team! He is the head of our masonry repair and construction crew. Larry is our lead mason, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to make the job happen! Larry is married to Diane and they have two grown boys. Larry has a great sense of humor! He brings with him a great skill set. He is a great mason, a good mechanic and has the ability to pay attention to the details of the project so that every job is a great job!  




   Yusuf has really stepped up to the plate and has become very versatile! He can do anything from heading up the cleaning crew, a repair crew, or even a crew running a furnace duct cleaning!  Yusuf is the first line in protection for your home.  He will check out your chimney from top to bottom.  He will look for any safety concerns.  He will also look for any mantainance or repair needs for your chimney.  He can educate you on how to use your fireplace and evalute your system to make sure it is meeting your needs.  Are you looking to get more heat out of your firepace?  Looking for changes to your fireplace. Yusuf can suggest the changes necessary to make your fireplace suit your needs. He is also a Certified Chimney Professional. 


  Tom is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet.  




 Matt is also a certified chimney professional and runs the cleaning crew with Yusuf.