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Chimney Sweeping & Maintanence Services

Chimney sweeps on roof


Chimney sweeps in Stark County  - $200 + Tax

Outside Stark County but still in service range - $225 + Tax


Don't underestimate the value of cleaning your chimney on a regular basis. You'd be surprised how much build up happens in a regularly used fireplace.  Keeping your chimney clean will help prevent a chimney fire, and make it last longer. Generally, a chimney needs cleaned after every cord of wood burned.

It's also a good idea to have your chimney cleaned and inspected if you've recently moved into a new home and are unfamiliar with the history of the fireplace, or have simply not used your fireplace for years. 

You never know what we may find in your chimney.  There are animals that commonly choose your chimney as there home such as raccoons and chimney swifts. There are other animals that end up in your chimney either seeking refuge from other animals or maybe they are just curious.   Unfortunately, these animals usually cannot make it back out of your chimney and either need to be removed before they die, or we are called to remove the dead animal.  If you are finding that you have an unusually high number of flies in you home it may be there is a dead animal in your chimney.  We can remove animals living or dead.

Signs it might be time to call a chimney sweep:

  • Dark black soot on your fireplace damper
  • Your fires are not burning well and are very smoky
  • Visible thick creosote (soot) in your chimney lining
  • A smell like smoldering fire when fireplace is not in use

Sweeping a chimney can be a dirty job and you want to be sure it's done right.  Our Chimney Sweeps are true professionals and we are the only CSIA certified chimney sweeping company in Stark County.  We'll be honest and fair, while getting the job done right.


If you would like to request chimney cleaning and/or duct cleaning services, or if you would like to schedule a free estimate, please fill out this form and we will get back to you within one business day.

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