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Chim-a-lator Chimney Dampers


Everyone loves a warm fire in the fireplace, but are you really helping your heating bill by burning an open fireplace? Fire needs plenty of air to burn and an open fireplace will draw air from your home! This draws the heat out of the home. The hot air and gasses go up the chimney! Open fireplaces are said to be negative efficient. This means that more heat is lost up  the chimney (from drawing it out of the home) than is added by the heat of the fire.  So, how can you make your fireplace more efficient? There are several ways!

The best way to increase the efficiency of the fireplace is to install a top-mounted air-tight damper.  You will not lose heat when the fireplace is not in use and you will not get cold air coming down the chimney either!  You can also adjust the opening so that you are not losing as much heat when burning the fireplace.

Another method is to install an air source for the fire on the floor of the firebox.

And lastly, purchase a fire back to reflect heat back into the room. This is a metal shield that sits at the back of the fireplace. Ferguson’s can do all three of these!



  • Saves energy—tight seal on top of the chimney, keeps heat in and cold drafts out!
  • Prevents down draft smoking caused by wind and furnace draw.
  • Handle is installed on side of fireplace wall and is easy to operate!
  • Six settings to control the draft and produce more heat when burning!
  • Keeps out animals, birds, insects, rain, leaves, wind and airplane noise!100% Stainless steel—satisfaction guaranteed!
  • Lifetime warranty, best on the market today!


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