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B4 and After Crown

Chimney Crowns

Concrete Crown

 The crown of the chimney is your most important line of defense when it comes to protecting your chimney and fireplace.  Most chimneys are made with a mortar crown splay.  Mortar does not have the strength  to protect your chimney.  It also allows water to seep though .  Water intrusion is the  major cause of most chimney damage.  Usually a mortar crown will also taper down to nothing at the outer edges.  These outer edges are where the protection is most important!  When water gets into the  mortar joints and freezes, the expanding ice will crack the mortar and  additional freeze thaw cycles cause additional damage. 

 There are many products on the market to paint over these damaged economy crown with sealants.  We have tried most of the popular brands of these sealants and have been very disappointed with the  long term results.  These sealants are ineffective and quite often fail in the first 3 years.  

 Our crowns are made with concrete.  We use forms on the top of the chimney so the concrete can be thick even past the edge of the chimney.  This overhanging crown forms a natural drip edge and offers the  best protection for your chimney.   Not only do our crowns protect the chimney but they are really nice looking and add a touch of elegance to your chimney!

 Applying a proper water sealant to the brick is an often overlooked but very import measure of protection for your chimney.  Not all  clear masonry sealants are equal! Using an inferior sealant can actually cause more damage!  Some of our sealants can actually help reduce moss and algae growth!

Concrete Crown

    Water penetration can cause interior and      exterior damage to your home and masonary    chimney including       but not limited to:

   -Rusted damper assemblys

   -Cracked flue tiles

   -Deteriorated masonry or metal firebox

   -Cracked or flaking bricks

   -Roof damage

   -Missing mortar joints

   -Water stained walls or ceilings

   -Damage to the central heating system

   -Stained chimney exteriors





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