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Wood Burning Stoves

Napoleon 1100 Wood Stove   If you've got the room for a free-standing wood burning or gas stove in your home, you've got a real opportunity to add beauty, warmth, and energy savings to your home. Additionally, wood stoves can provide a source of heat during a power outage.

   A lot goes into selecting the right stove for your needs:  Do you want to burn wood or gas?  What are your heating expectations from the stove?  Are you in early construction, or post construction phase?  You get the idea.  There is a lot to consider.  We've got the experience to walk you through the selection process and consult with you on the best approach to adding such a great feature to your home. 

   No matter what route you go, it's a substantial investment so we believe it's worth the time to investigate and do it right.

Feel free to browse our Gas and Wood Burning Stove E-commerce Store to place your order or gain ideas.


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